​Tamasha- An antithesis of dream and reality

For many years we all grew up listening to fairytales, or folklores. All these stories started with that one typical phrase of “once upon a time…” generally which carried a significant amount of going back in the time which is unknown; which is undefined. The setting would be like a land where anything is possible, where unicorns and leprechauns still exist. Monsters, Trolls and dragons are as gigantic and scary as the fairies and princesses are pretty. The grandeur of these stories used to take us to a land of mysteries and lots of happenings. 
Ved(Ranbir Kapoor) is introduced in a flashback where his young self is swayed by all these stories of Ramayan, Romeo and Juliet, Lord Krishna, Prithwiraj Chauhan. He created his little world of fantasy blending all the stories he ever heard, shunning away from the outside world of reality and eventually coming to his own mystic land of Corsica. Tara(Deepika Padukone) on the other hand happens to land to this same place following her own childhood dream of Corsica as a land of Asterix. They eventually meet and decide to hide each other’s identities to create a new dream together. Their experiences and the celestial beauty of Corsica touched the right chords of Tara’s heart and she felt an unknown melody from within. As her way to the airport Tara kissing the “sleeping Ved” is symbolic of her own waking up from a dream into an agonizing reality, into the mundane. 

As she comes back to the city of Joy, Kolkata, she realizes she has left behind her joys back in Corsica. Ved and Tara might have had a role-play of Don and Mona darling, but the treasure they were chasing is still hidden.  Thus Tamasha soon unfolds to be a film of a dream within a dream. Where reality is at odds with a fantasy and these constantly clash together. The dream Ved shared with her has refused to let go. She forgets, as many of us, where the dream ends and reality sets in.  Eventually she finds herself in New Delhi for an assignment and her impending discovery starts to peep through already. Four years have gone by between the scene of her leaving Corsica and her fantasies behind and finally she watching him sitting around the corner. This is the first time they get to know each other’s real names. Moreover they get to be introduced to their real selves. But little did Tara knew that the free careless yet intense man she met back in her dreamland is actually a simple product manager who gets scold by his boss and keeps quiet. He is just another man in the crowd who is hardly visible. 

Ved gets rejected on his marriage proposal. Considering his past although he is shattered from inside of this rejection he still manages to keep his calm and composed posture like a programmed robot. Tara says out loud the bitter truth which he has been suppressing for years. Tamasha brings out the fine line between life desired and life destined. Ved acts out on sudden psychological outbreak and gets evicted from his work. In Corsica he was like a free bird without the fear or burden of acting in a way he is supposed to. But Tara points out that the Ved in Corsica is the real Ved whom she fell in love with.

The story and the Hero get a second chance to make the fairy tale have the desired ending. The illusion of the dream and the reality gets uplifted and Ved starts to chase his real self, his real passion, his real dream. The chasing is no less dramatic and crucial especially at the point when all his doors are shut and he has to prove a point to his father and to himself. The prince sets out on his journey to win his LOVE back. His love for storytelling, his love for acting and his love for Tara give him the purpose to fight back at the life which has been laughing at him. The Joker which has been showed a multiple times whenever he is doing something “crazy” like dancing around this classroom, tearing out pages from books, symbolize that free bird he lets out in Corsica. At it is pretty evident that why Tara plays that Joker both in his play and his life. The final scene after the credits Ved whispers into Tara’s ear that he has finally found the hidden treasure. 

The director, Imtiaz Ali, draws another excellent piece of art. Although the box office collection did not do quite a justice to the movie but according to me it is a 4/5. And surely it is not just a one time watch. Surely, it promises a lot of Tamashaa in the battle of real vs reel. 
Article by :- Srobona Chowdhury. 


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