Avengers Infinity War Review : Cinematic Thesis on Fiction!

After all this time, 10 long years of crazy stardom, fantasy, fiction, popularity, as the end draws near, Marvel Universe, just leaps to the ultimate level of movie making. They have, as if, researched for a project, prepared a thesis, and earned a degree – the planning, the execution and the outcome of this “dream” which was conceived, half a decade ago, almost draws to a full circle. The beauty of it lies, in the fact, that this end will bring beginnings, franchises will evolve, our beloved superheroes will earn a place in history and we shall witness, the greatest show on Earth.
They had prepared us, for the greatest villain, and when he comes, Oh! My! – He is evil grandeur personified, the invincible – and it’s time for our heroes, to fight a battle, which seems ‘lost’ infront of his epic tyranny. Avengers : Infinity War is both the preparation and the presentation of that battle against destiny named Thanos. This movie is like opening gift packs in your birthday – every scene almost takes you by surprise, propels you towards extremes of insane superhero-appeal, which you have built up for all these years and also the devastation of their misery, infront of an unstoppable force.
And all of a sudden, you find gruesome, grotesque darkness in MCU, you find inescapable horror. The witty one-liners still there, but far reduced. More emotional than you think, there is breaking of hearts. This is a movie with the right balance of importance to its villain – at times more important than your heroes. It builds upon Thanos, his past, his goal and his unfathomable power. But the villain isn’t ‘loud’ – his actions speak more than over-dramatized dialogues and his character has a vast depth contained – There is a villain crying, in a Marvel movie.
The length is a bit stretched out at 2.40 hours, but who is complaining? What comes with this huge cast list, is the problem of control, and here is where the Russo brothers spells magic. Each of everyone’s personal favorites get equal time to impress and boy, they do. There is a new swagger in the suits, and a kick-ass attitude added to the looks. They are fantastic actors, no doubt – what they achieve here in a shared screen time is beyond praise.

The ‘edge-of-the-seat” action sequences and the ‘awe-struck’ Super Hero entries, will make your vocal chords weak. There is again the prevalent Family Feeling, persistent in the MCU circle, and the ending, perhaps is where they have earned the box-offices already. Its nothing of that you have thought of. The twists are beyond your guesses, the plot is magnificently spun, the magic spell is pretty pretty strong, I must tell you. This is the best starter pack you could have wished for, before the final dinner party in May 2019. This dinner, will keep you very very hungry.
My rating 4.5/5
Article by : Anish Banerjee.
I will wait till I write my next fully detailed review on this one, with spoilers, next time.


‘Hichki’ Review : The best antidote for Bollywood’s hiccups!

The movie had a hype of a ‘come-back’ of Rani Mukherji, but it turns out to be a ‘come-back’ for the industry as well. This is Dead Poet’s Society extended into Bollywood, not alike, but a similar overtone. As refreshing as it gets, Hichki is a pure attempt towards capturing nostalgia of a school life, nobility of a teacher, combined with an urge to remove the ‘mental hiccups’ of the society through the literal hiccup of the Tourette’s Syndrome. This is the new woman movement that Bollywood frequently undertakes, which has the right amount of feminism, and the perfect blend of socialism. This is a nostalgia trip downtown to your uniform days. It is, at foremost, the story of a school and school tales always associate themselves with that extra bit of longing of “going back in time”. So, this was always going to be a success, provided, it got the spices right. And you bet, it had. First comes the story of the taboos – the “ill” child refused by her father, and the grown up highly educated lady refused by numerous schools for teaching jobs. The first mental “Hichki” of “ignorance” and “refusal”, thus presented, right at the center. In the slideshow of psycho-analysing its audience, the next “Hichki” is of poverty and the class system. Though a wafer-thin make-believe plot is introduced to bring in the students’ POV, but you will have no regrets. The “highly famous” school conducting classes for the poor children of the municipality school (which school has been erased off by this big brother) into a class 9F – No prizes for guessing what F stands for. Here the social constraints, the inequality, the unacceptability of the lower class are showcased via a very sensitive set of sequences from the students’ thought process. You may at one point, switch sides between classes 9A and 9F, but the letter F, attracts more, well, naturally speaking. Jokes apart, these sequences, will produce in you a sense of deep sympathy for the classes you have looked down upon. Siddharth Malhotra makes sure even to take you for a trip, down to their level, for having a better look where you can see poverty pushing education out of its way, into the sordid emotions of the ‘lesser’ Mumbai. The third layer is the “Hichki” of being a teacher, and finding out the right definition of how there are never bad students but only bad teachers. The inter-teaching competitions, are enlightenment messages, open and free for the modern day schooling system. All these layers, with the fine subplot of the “Parent-Son relationship problem”, makes the whole movie a tale of how this Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherji) convinces her robust kids, to rise above their lowly levels, as she accept the challenge of being successful with this batch. The students’ side of the coin is as delightful as it gets. The emotions portrayed are basic children emotions of ego, anger, mischief, love, anchored by a pure heart, shadowed by adolescence. Malhotra puts up the nation’s high level education system in a satirical stage-show – Rani Mukherji glorifies the attempt. Rani is no longer the Tina she used to be. The maturity of her experience glows on her shoulders. There is different sense of confidence and the continuous struggle of carrying off this role of suffering from such a hideous syndrome is highly commendable. Since SRK in My Name is Khan, this is perhaps, for the first time, a lead actor has so brilliantly dealt with illness in a movie. Wadia (Neeraj Kabi) is the teacher, that you wouldn’t want in your class, if you are not a marks hungry student. He resembles the modern-day practicality of the schools. Where the movie flies off, is, in its casting of the students. The Municipal students, just as they are seen in the society and the toppers, just as you hate to see (just joking). They are fantastically well groomed. Everyone so apt in their appearance that the whole classroom seems full of the right amount of sentiments. The music department is appreciable, and the title track is very well composed and placed. The end is a poetic justice, and the movie, even if it reminds you 10% of what you had seen in Dead Poets’ Society, is a must-watch. Yash Raj Films, fresh from shooting a Tiger, I mean, shooting with the “tiger” of the industry, packs a smaller, yet impactful punch with “Hichki”. This deserves all the praise it is receiving. Let your hiccups be mirrored there for a while, don’t forcefully stop them – rather, wait for Naina Mathur to touch your souls, and free you off your metaphorical “Hichki(s)”.

My rating : 4.5/5.

Article by :- Anish Banerjee.